Meet the Researcher: Lauren Ramilo

Quick sketch of Lauren Ramilo enjoying work in the lab


Meet the researcher, Lauren Ramilo. She’s been spending this summer updating the Alchemy Blog and Delftia Hub, creating graphics, and learning about SciComm! Check out the social media tag she’s created, #DrawDelftia. Read some of her articles, Ocean Gold part one and two, and Call for Annotators!


Selfie of Lauren Ramilo
Lauren Ramilo


Lauren is a casual painter from Sanford MI. She enjoys traveling to new places to paint landscapes. Additionally, she spends time taking care of her new quarantine puppy, Nia, and a ball python.


Nia the dog wearing a flower crown
Nia the dog

Her favorite thing about Delftia is the role it plays in the rhizosphere. Some strains, such as RAY209, live amongst the roots of plants. Here, Delftia reduces iron rather than gold. When Delftia shares iron with the plant, it increases plant growth. We don’t quite understand the exact relationship between Delftia and the plants it lives among yet!

“This summer, I have created online artifacts to teach others and get them involved in Delftia. I’ve enjoyed meeting experts in my field, learning new SciComm skills, and working with the Delftia team!”

Meet more Delftia researchers and participants soon!

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