Presenting Delftia at the Sidewalk Symposium

Members of our research team had the opportunity to present their current research at the Sidewalk Symposium. Thanks to the Office of Undergraduate Research, NC State Libraries, and the Crafts Center for sponsoring this event!


Students were given paper, colored pencils, and a cell phone stand. They were tasked to create a visual representation of their research, live-streaming the artistic process to an audience via Zoom. Here are the finished results!


Colored pencil drawing representing WikiEDU. Delftia acidovorans is illustrated and described. Cartoon brains border the page, representing the collaborative process through which WikiEDU students learn
WikiEDU at the Sidewalk Symposium, presented by Rabeya Tahir



Colored pencil illustration representing the Delftia Hub. Delftia acidovorans is shown on a computer monitor, which is projecting the different ways to engage with the Hub.
Delftia Hub at the Sidewalk Symposium, by Lauren Ramilo