Meet the Researcher: Carlos C. Goller


Carlos C. Goller

I’m Carlos C. Goller, an Associate Teaching Professor at North Carolina State University in the Department of Biological Sciences. I teach in the NCSU Biotechnology Program (BIT, I grew up in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, speak Spanish, and love microbes and teaching. As a microbiologist, I enjoy learning about sequence analysis and high-throughput discovery of unique microbes. I teach several lab-based courses including Yeast Metabolic Engineering, Metagenomics, and High-throughput Discovery.


1) What do you find most interesting aboutĀ Delftia?

We found Delftia acidovorans sequences in samples from kitchen sinks as part of the first offering of BIT 477/577 Metagenomics in the fall of 2013. I still remember being amazed by the microbe in Matt’s sink!

I find it inspiring to see how many different emerging connections there are! Delftia seems to have a vast toolkit of useful genes. Therefore, I am constantly amazed by how close to us this microbe is: NCSU undergraduate students have found it in our “built environment”.

2) What do you enjoy most in your research/past responsibilities?

I enjoy the opportunity to engage students in learning communities. My responsibility as an educator is to facilitate communities of scholars, and I truly believe Delftia offers numerous opportunities for education and research.

3) What research would you likeĀ to see or do in the future?

I would love to design a course for first and second-year students to ask their own questions about Delftia using high-throughput molecular biology techniques. Thus, I believe we could engage the students, public, and researchers to develop techniques, practice critical skills, and learn about the microbes around us.

Help us learn, create, and enjoy the drive of curiosity… by focusing on one fascinating microbe!
Goller Family
Goller/Gordy Family: Aurelio, Claire, Carlos, Amada