Annotation Focus: Delftia as a Pathogen

Delftia has been of keen interest to those interested in biotechnology as of late, due to its ability to recover gold from solution. However, it has also been of some concern to those in medicine.

Although Delftia is a rare opportunistic pathogen, it can be hard to identify and effectively treat. Some scientific literature has been published on the topic, but there’s still much to learn. Does Delftia acidovorans pose a serious problem as an opportunistic pathogen? How can we best identify and treat cases of infection? Annotate the existing literature with us to answer these questions!

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Current Knowledge

Delftia acidovorans does not infect healthy individuals, but poses a problem in hospitals where it can cause serious illness for patients with weakened immune systems or underlying diseases.

Because it is so rare, Delftia acidovorans can be hard to identify when it does present as an infection. There are also reports of antibiotic resistance (source)(source).

What are we looking for?

Here’s where we need you! Annotate the literature to identify patterns in Delftia pathogenicity. We want to draw connections between the literature to better understand the source of infections, antibiotic resistance, and successful treatment. Join us to have interesting conversations and help us learn more about our favorite bacteria, Delftia acidovorans!

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Literature to get started!

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